Should I Have Videos on My Website?

A video editor sitting at their desk working

Human beings are naturally drawn to symbols and images. Since the dawn of time, we have sought to represent our world through pictures. Do you remember when you were little and learning to read? Weren't you more interested in the images in the picture books?  When moving pictures became widespread, people began to consume these images with unmatched fervor. 

Humans practically lost their minds when moving pictures became available in color. It signaled the beginning of an era ruled by multimedia. That's not to say that books became obsolete, but we certainly can't deny the allure of the moving image. 

People don't read manuals anymore. They go to YouTube to watch videos that can show them how to do things quickly and efficiently. There's an almost saccharine gratification that comes from the multi-sensory experience of watching a video. 

Suppose you want to create an engaging and dynamic website; you need to include video. A well-structured website design would have a good balance of text, still images, and videos. Here are three reasons why you should include video on your website.

Increase Viewer Engagement. 

Nobody wants to come to a website and be forced to read through miles of text— (unless it's an awesome blog or something). But, seriously, if you aren't posting snips of your hot new sci-fi novel or juicy bites about heaving bosoms, please, go easy on the text. The hard facts about digital trends tell us that people expect websites to include video in their media repertoire.

 HubSpot reported that 72% of people prefer to watch a video than reading text nowadays. Including website videos ensure that your viewers stay engaged with the content. MistMedia found that people spend 88% more time on sites that have videos than otherwise. Video helps keep your viewers engaged on the website for longer, ultimately translating to higher economic returns for your brand. 

Show up First in Search Results. 

I mean, having a website is cool and all, but how great is it to be search result number three million on Google? No one is scrolling to look at search result number three million. In fact, no one (except the terminally bored) is clicking to look at anything that doesn't show up on the first page. 

Including video in your web design increases your SEO rankings and makes it more likely that your website will show up where people will see it; this means increased website traffic, which maximizes potential brand success. Remember, you can't sell anything that nobody can find. 

Make Your Brand Unforgettable. 

You know that saying, "a picture a worth a thousand words?" Well, a video is priceless. If you're sitting, wondering how you can stand out from the crowd—then look no further for the answer. Use videos! A video can capture charm, personality, and charisma. 

With video, you can dazzle your viewer; you can create that wow factor that catapults you ahead of the queue. Don't tell your website visitors what you can do. Show them! People support brands that they feel they have a connection with, and using videos is a great way to connect with your site visitors more intimately. 

In short, you should place videos on your website because it's the modern, market savvy, and smart thing to do.

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