Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance refers to regularly checking the website for any problems and keeping everything up to date. 

Constantly checking the website makes sure that your website is secure, updated, and safe. It even encourages your SEO and rankings on Google. 

No matter if you have a small or a big company, you need to keep your website up to date to prevent major problems on your site. Doing so also makes it easy for you to interact properly with your customers and potential visitors. 

To get the best website maintenance plan, you can contact Farewell Media. It offers everything you need to build a website, like website design, website development, website maintenance, website hosting, on-site SEO, and copywriting service. 

Monthly Website Plans 

With the Farewell Media website maintenance package, you get monthly reports, hosting, backups, consulting, monthly reports, and uptime monitoring. 

Here are the best plans that Farewell Media offers: 

Unlimited SEO 

Farewell Media's newest Unlimited SEO should be your pick to get unlimited SEO, design, copywriting, and development. 

The experts of Farewell Media use a powerful tool for monthly website maintenance. They regularly add new and missing keywords, add links, write new articles, and more so your website stays relevant and attracts visitors.  

They connect the Google Search Console and your company's analytics with their newest SEO tools. This way, they get different ideas, articles, links, keywords, and more, so your website's SEO and rankings on Google can increase. 

With the Unlimited SEO plan, you can get unlimited revisions, unlimited requests, quick turnarounds, in-person or video support, and everything is unlimited. In addition, you get premium services like copywriting requests, design requests, and SEO audits. 

Unlimited eCom

Another plan that you can choose is Unlimited eCom to get development services for advanced/eCommerce sites. 

With this plan, you get unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, quick turnaround, phone support, and everything in basic. In addition, you get the best eCommerce support. Just like Unlimited SEO, you can cancel this package anytime. 


You can choose the unlimited plan if you have an information website and need simple services. It's the most affordable out of the three monthly website maintenance services. 

With this plan, you get unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, website hosting, security monitoring, email support, quick turnarounds, and a dedicated project manager. You can cancel this plan anytime without hassle. 

Basically, all these three monthly website maintenance plans come with website hosting, consulting, security checks, uptime monitoring, and support requests for website updates. 

Benefits of Website Maintenance Services for Your Business 

Are you still not sure whether you should invest in monthly website maintenance plans? Well, here's why website maintenance plans are worth it: 

#1 Constant Support and Updates 

A good website maintenance plan ensures that all your SEO algorithms and plugins are updated. This way, the security or SEO of your business website doesn't fall behind. 

The team of developers of your website maintenance plan will constantly monitor all the new features. If there's anything new, they will quickly update your website, so it stays fresh and bug-free. 

#2 Better Security 

Your website becomes open to a wide range of hacking attacks if it is not fully up to date or doesn't have the latest security patches.

Small business owners usually think that hackers won't target their sites. But many hackers use a powerful tool to search for unsecured websites, which can be easily infected with malicious code. 

So, regardless of your website type, it can be hacked. Every outdated plugin on the website is an easy invitation for hackers to get it and steal your data. 

But you can invest in good monthly website maintenance solutions to prevent your site from getting hacked. You can surely check for the update yourself, but you might forget to scan your platform or don't have sufficient time to update the site. 

That's why it's better to get professional website maintenance services from a reliable company. After all, if your website gets hacked, it can cost a lot of money to your business. 

#3 24/7 Monitoring 

There is no guarantee that your website will always stay online. Errors can either happen on your side or on the receiver's side. But a slight downtime can cost you sales and customers. 

But when you invest in website maintenance services, your site can be monitored 24/7. Also, the experts will quickly make your site online if there is ever an error. 

#4 Proper Hosting 

Better web hosting helps your website to load faster. Analytics shows that visitors only wait for about five seconds for a site to load. If it doesn't load, they simply leave the web page. 

But when you invest in website maintenance services, your site gets proper hosting to handle the load of website visitors. 

In addition, you might also not know about the other websites that share hosting servers with you. That's because Google associates them with any site. But if any websites on your hosting server get hacked, your site can also be taken down. 

If you, however, get a monthly website maintenance package, the experts can help you choose the best hosting package. 

#5 Reliable Website Backup 

A broken code or a server error can crash your website. For this reason, you need to have a backup. You might want to do weekly or daily backups if your site receives a large number of visitors or if you regularly publish new content.  

When you have a website maintenance team on your side, they check your website for any kind of issues. Plus, they quickly backup your site, so you do not lose anything valuable. 

#6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The reason anyone starts a website is to attract customers, clients, and audiences. But it is only possible if you keep your website regularly updated. 

Google only ranks the websites higher that are regularly updated and has the most relevant information. But if your website is infected with malware or has not received recent updates, it can be de-indexed. 

Thus, you must get the best website maintenance service plans so your website stays on top. 

How Much Does Website Maintenance Costs?

When you know what goes in the monthly website maintenance costs, you can create a better budget. Honestly, the website maintenance cost depends on the type of your website. 

For instance, the website maintenance cost of a larger eCommerce website is more than the website maintenance cost for a smaller site. 

Here's how Farewell Media charges for its website maintenance services: 

Features Unlimited Unlimited eComm Unlimited SEO
Cost $299/per month or
$2990 annually
$499/per month or
$4990 annually
$999/per month or
$9990 annually
Unlimited Requests Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Revisions Yes Yes Yes
Quick Turnaround Yes Yes Yes
Copywriting Requests No No Yes
SEO Audits No No Yes
Month-to-month Yes Yes Yes

There are no long-term contracts, but you get great customer service and quick turnarounds. 


Getting the best website maintenance service plan is important to keep your website running. Website maintenance plans also encourage your search engines and rankings on Google. 

So, check the best website maintenance costs and plans for your own website to get the best deal. 

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