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About Us Pages: Why You Need Them and What to Include

Imagine someone who spent their entire career working as a manager for the same company. In their spare time, they enjoyed working on home projects here and there. Over the years the projects became more involved and the results more beautiful.

Upon retiring, this person has more time for their hobby. Those early projects are now pieces of fine furniture and friends ask to buy their work. A new small business is born.

Every small business has a story. Some, like this one, roll out slowly over years. Others spring from impulses that turn profitable. Each one is special and can be inspiring—if it’s told properly.

Your About Us page is where you tell your story to your customers.

Why You Need an About Us Page

Credibility and Trust

Your About Us page tells your customers who you are, what your business is about, and invites them into your world. The internet can feel vast and impersonal. Your About Us page is the perfect place to connect with customers, tell them what’s important to you, and build the trust that’s vital for small businesses to succeed.

Some 52% of website visitors look for an About Us page after visiting a homepage. Customers want to know you, what you do, and why you do it. Being open and authentic boosts credibility and creates the opportunity to build relationships with customers.

Telling your story is also a powerful way to connect. Sharing your journey humanizes everything about your company in ways that a simple brief bio can’t come close to matching.

The Face of the Business

Customers want a peek into your life and business. They can’t walk into your store and chat, look around, and get a feel for how compatible your business is with their needs. Your About Us page is a chance for customers to meet your team and get a glimpse of your operation.

Pictures of small business owners, employees, and day-to-day operations go a long way in establishing authenticity. They are the website equivalent of an introduction and a handshake.

Shared Values

Many small business customers are searching for businesses with which they share similar values. This isn’t about politics or religion (unless those things are core to your business); it’s about values like honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness.

The About Us page allows you to tell customers not just what you value but how your company delivers on those values. If a core value is honesty, this is where you assure customers that your quotes will be fair, you won’t over-promise, or you won’t sell services people don’t need.

Components of a Great About Us Page

This all sounds great until you sit down to write your About Us page and find it harder than you expected. Try breaking down the process into sections. It will not only help you write your copy but also help you organize the page for maximum user-friendliness.

Your Story

Start by writing your story. It’s an important component that also helps you remember where you started and why. It’s easy to forget those things in the day-to-day bustle of running your company. 

Writing your story is a personal, probably nostalgic process that grounds you and opens you up to connections with customers.

Working With the Ws

The simple format of the Ws is a fantastic framework for writing about your business. Who, what, where, when, why (and how) your business operates are the central questions an About Us page answers. 

Tackle the Ws one at a time. You probably covered some when telling the story of your business, but do them anyway. You may find that you need to expand on some areas or that you can integrate others into your story.

Remember Who’s Reading

When you’re doing so much talking about yourself and your business it’s easy to forget that you’re writing for your customers. Make sure your About Us page addresses how you help them or how your business solves their problems.

Your About Us page is about connecting but it’s also about giving information. Don’t forget that to include the fundamentals about the structure of the company, its size, and how long you’ve been in business.

Focus on the people most likely to be reading. Know your demographics and address the problems they face that your company can solve. Talk about successes in a way that is comforting (you know what you’re doing) and inspiring (you can help them succeed).

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, but leave in-depth content like case studies and testimonials for another page. Remember that people start at an About Us page. It’s about connections, inspiring confidence, and establishing credibility.

Picture, Picture

Do your best to avoid using stock images on your About Us page. They damage the authenticity and credibility of the page. Be sure to use high-quality pictures throughout your site.

If you don’t have good images of the people, places, and activities integral to your company, make the effort to get some. Try having an employee or family member take some to start, but evaluate them with a critical eye.

If your budget allows, hire a professional to take pictures of you and your workspace. There’s nothing wrong with using headshots to introduce your team, but make sure to maintain a consistent tone. A law firm will need a different aesthetic than a craft brewery.

All About Us

Be creative with your About Us page, but keep it accessible. Make sure to call it something easily identifiable. Create distinct sections—your story, your team, your values—so you don’t end up with intimidating blocks of text. Break up sections with pictures.

Your About Us page is one of the most valuable on your website. Make the most of it with compelling storytelling, customer-focused messages, and clear information. Building connections, credibility, and trust are all made easier with a well-structured and thoughtfully composed About Us page.

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